People driven, technology enabled

People driven, technology enabled

People driven, technology enabled

About Us

Ahyoung Tech “AT’ represents the modern information technology service avenue for professionals, corporates and recent graduates. We believe in merging humans and technology by transforming how people use technology to add value to their workplace and personal lives. We work with emerging IT professionals who are unsure of what career opportunities they can exploit by providing strategies to communicate challenges in a way they never did before to find solutions for their company.In this digital era, technology demands a new level of communication, one with no limit on age, rank and experience. IT has transformed how we live today and to succeed requires being open to changes and how we view it.

We combine project management, leadership and service management, along with various other tools, assessments and, productivity techniques to create customized guides for our clients.And no, we are not super geeky… We believe in showing you how simple and exciting technology can be utilized for value improvement at work and building relationships. We help shape new business models to be more competitive and promote new experiences through the effective use of technology.

Results- driven; we are committed to helping our clients grow.

Our Services

We believe in simplicity to improving the response to changing demands of the workplace. During your journey with me, we can tailor a programme, specifically for your needs and unique circumstances.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve been trying several avenues to connect with industry professionals and have been unsuccessful;
  • You are amazing at what you do but unaware of how you can market yourself and use your IT skills to increase career opportunities;
  • You work in a dynamic environment, struggling to market yourself as a knowledge leader and want to be included on more value driven projects;
  • You want to improve how you communicate and connect with your team, manager and associates
  • Your business has been growing but slower than expected.

With our coaching services, we begin with a personalized session on mindset shift to help you cultivate a positive attitude for use of IT tools and techniques. We offer three tiers of services to address these needs:

Are you ready to start changing your life?

Project Management Training

Project management has emerged as a sought-after skill, if implemented correctly can help improve organizational effectiveness. If you want to be more valuable to your organization, we can help enhance your appreciation for and understanding of how to exploit IT resources using project management.

With our customized project management training, we cater to both individuals and firms to support the development of best practices in the workplace.

Corporate training

Individual and small groups

Why choose AT?

Because we know delivery makes a difference in the success of any project whether it is a software upgrade, new database, business change or community development project. We recognized the importance of choosing the ideal project management methodology. (example; agile vs. waterfall, agile vs. scrum)

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